Please see the general Syllabus for all Music BA Students

Syllabus for  all Voice Students      Syllabus for Vocal Literature    Syllabus for Fundamentals of Singing

Please follow the following links for resources that will aid you in preparing your songs, scenes, and recitals:

1.  Where can I buy assigned Music or  Repertoire   

2.  Reference Materials (Books)    3.  Required Repertoire Start building your library!         

4. Helpful WEBSITES we should all know

      5. Web Sites for Language Diction and Translations

  6. Song Composers       7.  NYACK/NY Chorale Page 

  8.  Famous Broadway Musicals               9.  Opera Page

10. Oratorio                            11. Free Vocal Concerts

12. What Voice Type or “Fach” am I?        Let me know how to improve this site

13. How do I write a research paper about music for Nyack College   

 Intro to Fine arts page    Early Music page   Classical and Baroque Music Page

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