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Dr. Sue Talley, Director

Calendar (School of Music NYC)

NYC Chorale
The Chorale singing at our Christmas party

Nyack College School Of Music, New York City
Dr. Sue L. Talley, Director, Music Program 
9th Classes Begin
11th September 11th Concert (New York Public Library/42nd Street)
16th Applied Lessons Begin
15th Faculty & Staff Chapel (5:00 PM/Rm 200)
16th Opening Convocation (5:30 PM/Mariner’s Temple Baptist Church)
2nd Alumni Homecoming Recital (7:00 PM/Rm 600)
6th Student Recital #1 (2:30 PM/Rm 600)
9th –11th Homecoming Weekend
16th Pianologue (3:00 PM/Rm 600)
23rd Student Recital #2 (7:00 PM/Rm 600)
10th Student Recital #3 (2:30 PM/Rm 600)
13th Pianologue (3:00 PM/Rm 600)
14th Senior Recital for Charity Leung (12:00  PM/Rm 600)
14th Junior Recital for Julie Kim (3:00 PM/Rm 600)
22nd -29th Thanksgiving Recess
4th Chamber Singers Performance at Columbia University
5th Times Square Christmas Chorale Performance 4:00-8:00 PM
5th Junior& Senior  Recitals Edwidge Romain and Nekeishiea Stoute (12:00 PM/Rm 600)
8th Chorale Christmas Chapel (5:00-6:00 PM/Rm B200)
11th Pianologue (Friday/3:00 PM/Rm 600)
11th Student Recital #4 (7:00 PM/ Rm 600)
12th Opera Workshop Recital (Saturday/ 7:00 Rm 600)
15th Last day of classes
16th-22nd Final Exams
16th Juries (10:00 AM –10:00 PM / Rm 600)
18th Senior Recital for Teresa Gattison (7:00 PM/Rm 600)
19th Senior Recital for Marx Buxo (12:00 PM/Rm 600)
20th Chorale Performance Calvary Baptist Church (6:00 PM)
22nd Fall Semester Ends
22nd Chorale Party and Performance (6:00 PM)
4th-15th Winterim Venice  Italy Trip
18th Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (NO CLASSES)
19th Spring 2010 Registration Check-In
20th Classes Begin
22nd Senior Recital for Daniel Pabon (7:00 PM Evangel Church)
29th Pianologue (3:00 PM/ Rm 600)
16th Student Recital #1 (Tuesday/2:30-4:30 PM/Rm 600)
26th Pinaologue (Friday/3:00-5:00 PM/Rm 600)
5th Student Recital #2 (7:00 PM/Rm 600)
6th Senior Recitals Kristine Lluveras & Jose Fantauzzi (12:00 PM/Rm 600)
8TH –12TH Advisement Week
12th Pianologue (Friday/3:00 PM/Rm 600) 
14th –21st Spring Break
15th –May 3rd Fall Registration (Jr/Sr)
22nd –May 3rd Fall Registration (Fresh/Soph)
30th Student Recital #3 (Tuesday/2:30-4:30 PM/ Rm 600)
30th Easter Chorale Chapel (5:00-6:00 PM/ Rm B200)
2nd Good Friday (NO SCHOOL)
2nd –4th Easter Break
9th Senior Recitals Reginald Hayes & Nazaria Ilovar (7:00 PM/Rm 600)
10th Junior & Senior Recitals (TBA)
16th Chamber Music Recital (7:00 PM/Rm 600)
17th Junior & Senior Recitals (TBA)
23rd Student Recital #4 (Friday/ 7:00-9:00 PM/Rm 600)
24th   Junior Recital for Luz De La Cruz (3:00 PM/Rm 600)
27th Last Day of Classes
27th Juries (Tuesday/1:00 PM-6:00 PM/Rm 600)
27th Jazz Recital (Tuesday/ 7:00 PM/ Rm 600)
28th –May 4th Final Exams
28th Juries (11:00 AM-10:00 PM/ Rm 600)
30th Awards/Opera Theater Workshop Recital (7:00 PM/ Rm 600)
1st Senior Recital for Radoslav Lesay (12:00 PM/Rm 600)
1st Junior Recitals Elizabeth Diaz-Reyes & Latonya Walters (3:00 PM/ Rm 600)
4TH Spring Semester Ends
4th Senior Banquet (5:30-8:30 PM, Location TBA)
6th Baccalaureate (Calvary Baptist Church  5 PM)
8th Commencement (2:00 PM)
10th Faculty Assembly (Rockland)
27th-June 15 Chamber Choir Tour to Italy

June 29th Annual Scholarship competition for incoming students