Calendar classes for the semester

These Lectures will follow the textbook, second edition, chapters 15-19)  They are in different formats, both outline and narrative, but please read all the articles as a required addendum to your textbook. (This has been a coöperative effort of both Dana and Sue Lane Talley.)



Calendar classes for the semester: (The Lectures will follow the textbook, chapters 15-19) The quizzes will be on both the chapters and class lectures. Each quiz, after the first one, will have 5 selections from your listening list. Follow the links below to see the lecture outlines:


NOTE: Click on the blue lectures below to see a lecture outline and the names of musical examples. YOUTUBE selections will be placed in the outlines throughout the semester.


Lectures One and Two: 9/10/2009 Lecture One, Introduction and Beethoven  9/17/2009: Selections for your term paper due. Lecture Two, Beethoven continued:

Lecture Three: 9/24/2009: Quiz on Chapter 15 Lecture Three, Introduction of the Romantic era

Lecture Four: 10/01/2009: Lecture Four,The Program Symphony and Berlioz

Lecture Five:  10/08/2009: Quiz on Chapter 16  Lecture Five, The Concert Overture

Lecture Six: 10/15/2009: Lecture Six, German Lieder Chopin

Lecture Seven: 10/22/2009: Take Home Mid-Term & IN-CLASS Listening Test  Lecture seven,  Continuation of Lecture 6 adding French Melodie

Lecture Eight: 10/29/2009: Lecture Eight, The beginning of European Nationalism:

Lecture Nine: 11/05/2009: Quiz on Chapter 17   plus  Take Home Mid-Term Due! Lecture Nine: Russian Nationalism, and Church Music

Lecture Ten: 11/12/2009: Lecture Ten, The continuation of Church Music and an Introduction to Chamber Music

Lecture Eleven: Quiz on Chapter 18  plus Take Home assignment on Opera  Lecture Eleven,  French Opera: Opéra Comique, Grand Opera and Ballet Music

Lecture Twelve: 12/03/2009: Term paper due!  Lecture Twelve: Italian Opera (Bel Canto Opera) and Verdi 

Lecture Thirteen: 12/10/2009: Take home opera assignment due!  Lecture Thirteen, German Opera: Nationalism and Experimentation and Wagner

Class Fourteen: Final exam: Listening Test, Short Answer, Essay, and Multiple Choice questions.

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