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This semester we will study the music of the Baroque, Rococo, and Classic periods set in its historical and cultural context.  During the study of music from 1700 to 1825, the student will:

The information contained in this website will be used for all exams and quizzes.  Please follow all of the links below:

Course Syllabus:  Here is the syllabus.  Class Calendar for Spring, 2009      Dr. Dana Talley's Schedule is posted outside his office door

Listening Page: Students will have two listening exams. (One for the mid-term and the other for the final exam)  Please visit the listening page often and do not wait until the day before the exams.  The listening exams will be 30% of your grade. Midterm Listening Exam (There will be a take home written midterm.)

Listening Exam for April 30, 2009 and Written Final Exam

Lecture Outlines Please look at these or print them out before class.

WW Norton Outlines and Quizzes:  All students are required to submit the quizzes for chapters 10-14 of the Concise History of Western Music by Barbara Russano Hanning. This is also a wonderful study guide if you follow the outlines provided.  Please submit the quiz results to dana.talley@nyack.edu.


Additional lectures and information:


Baroque Period Perspective  Classical Period Perspective  The Birth of Opera

The Mystery of Performance Practice  Baroque and Classic Music Periods within the Historical Milieu  

Instruments of the era: Instruments have changed greatly from 1700 to the present.  Here are examples of instruments of the period.

Musical forms: As a survey course we will be spending much time in the analysis of prevailing musical forms and the student should be aware of their general definitions.

Timelines: (Historical and cultural perspectives)  History, Science, Politics, and Art should be studied to understand the music of the era. There will be questions on your exams that include both important historical events and major art works. Also, click on the following links of important timelines and chronologies, to give you musical and political perspective:  

Metropolitan Museum of Art   Links to Other Useful Web Sites for Music History  Chronology of Christianity - from 1 AD to present.

HyperHistory Online Project - visual chronological relationships worldwide. Famous persons, historical events, empires, political development, religious events, scientific & technical change. - Timelines of World History provides a unique way of exploring how our way of understanding the world has changed in the last 1000 years from unquestioning religious belief to scientific rigor.  


Additional Links of interest:  Please click here for hundreds of WEB pages to aid in your research on assigned composers.