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Music and Instruments from Baroque Era a source for many things related to the Baroque era.

The Classical Music Pages

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Composers Periods and Styles (111 sites) Music History –"The Baroque Music Homepage"
This is perhaps one of the most complete Baroque sites on the web. It contains virtually everything anyone would want to know on the Baroque Period of music. It defines the period, provides analyses, discusses instruments, lists recordings, talks about composers, and of course the ever-popular page of links. –"Baroque Music"
This is a very complete site beginning with a Q & A section. It includes everything from composers to instruments, recordings and various articles.

bullet Classical Music Pages, The [*] - offers information on musicians, musical terms, forms, concepts, and epochs.
bullet Classical Net [*] - offers a comprehensive array of files about classical music covering the last 900 years in Western art music. Includes a basic repertoire list to help you get started and a CD buying guide
bullet Essentials of Music [*] - provides basic information about classical music with overviews of the six main periods in music history, brief biographies of nearly 70 composers, and a glossary with musical examples.
bullet Andante [pick] [read review] - up-to-date news, reviews, interviews, searchable databases, live webcasts, and other classical music resources.
bullet Playmusic - for children to explore different instruments, musicians, and kinds of classical music. Includes sound clips.
bullet Classical Music Dictionary - provides sound files and information on composers.
bullet Classical is Cool - the latest in classical music, especially Classical Music Radio. Stations, program listings, contests, prizes, bulletin boards for Classical Music fans new and old.
bullet Contemporary Music Centre - documents and promotes contemporary Irish concert music.
bullet Cadenza - provides classical music resources and information. Includes program note library, musicians directory, and concert guide.
bullet - offers a range of classical CDs and downloads, plus the ability to create custom CDs or playlists. Also includes news, reference, links, and more.
bullet Classical Music On The Web - provides information on music societies, composer profiles, CD and book reviews, and forums.
bullet Connections between Music and Chess - lists classical compositions somehow relating to chess.
bullet NPR's Performance Today - daily live classical performances.
bullet Swiss Music Information Centre - provides information on contemporary Swiss composers, musicians, organisations, texts, scores, conservatories, and more.
bullet Afrocentric Voices - focuses on African American performers and composers and on the vocal music forms they influenced, especially opera, art songs, and spiritual arrangements.
bullet - weekly listening guide to classical music, including CD reviews, beginner's guides, forum, articles, and weekly musical quiz.
bullet - includes sound samples, CD reviews and listings, artists, composers, instruments; all fully searchable.
bullet Classical Source, The - provides news and reviews.
bullet Ballet Mécanique - devoted to reviving the first version of George Antheil's prophetic composition.
bullet ClassicWeb - includes jobs, instrument search, marketplace, performers, education, festivals, and links.
bullet GMN: ClassicalPlus - desitnation for classical music, videos, webcasts, news, MP3s, and CDs.
bullet American Classical Music Hall of Fame and Museum - dedicated to honoring and celebrating the many facets of classical music in the United States.
bullet NewKlassical Music - provides an environment which brings new composers and their public closer together.
bullet Web Concert Hall - offers classical broadcasts, news, reviews, and music history.
bullet Classical Buffet - features articles and information on composers, a glossary, timeline, and more.
bullet Classical Music Archives - featuring an extensive archive of music files, classical music resources, and information.
bullet Classical Music in Russia - Russian composers, musicians, and sound clips.
bullet Classical Connection - provides information on composers, as well as a page for beginners to classical music.
bullet Classical piano page - contains sound files.
bullet 101 Best - collector's guide to the best classical music recordings on CD by European journalists and critics. Browse or search by period, composer, or style.
bullet Timid Soul's Guide to Classical Music, The - introduction, guide to listening, and overviews of select composers.
bullet Whole Notes - interactive and educational look at classical music. Complements the Bravo! television series of the same name.
bullet Against All Bunda's Music - provides sound files and information for selected composers.  

Baroque Links:

John Sankey: Internet Harpsichordist Harpsichords & Related Instruments
Harpsichord Miscellany Introduction: Harpsichord & Clavichord
British Harpsichord Society Claviers Baroques
Tobias Willstedt's Harpsichord Page What is a Clavichord?
Orpheon Museum of Instruments About Baroque Music
Renaissance & Baroque Chronology The Baroque Cantata
Baroque Music Music History 102: The Baroque Age
The Baroque Era Music of the Baroque Era
A Baroque Music Sampler Rhythm in Baroque Music
Project AEIOU: The Baroque The Baroque Oboe: A Study
Baroque Music Page Baroque Period Music
Baroque Ornamentation The Baroque Ideal
Early Opera 1600-1810 Parcours dans la Musique Baroque
La Folia: A Musical Cathedral Musical Forms: Fugue
Society/Journal of 17th Century Music MIDI Files: English Baroque
Early Italian Baroque Library Eras Online: Baroque 1600-1750
A Selection of Baroque Music Lute-Harpsichord: Forgotten Instrument
Claudio Monteverdi 1567-1643 Claudio Monteverdi 1567-1643
Monteverdi: Innovator and Madrigalist Giulio Caccini 1545-1618
F. Caccini: La Liberazione di Ruggiero Joan Pau Pujol c.1573-1626
Joan Baptista Comes 1582-1643 Diego de Pontac 1603-1654
Giacomo Carissimi 1604-1674 Barbara Strozzi 1619-?1664
Joan Cererols 1618-1676 Matthew Locke 1629-1677
Jean-Baptiste Lully 1632-1687 Jean-Baptiste Lully (FR)
Jean-Baptiste Lully 1632-1687 Jean-Baptiste Lully 1632-1687
Marc-Antoine Charpentier (FR) Heinrich Schütz 1585-1672
Heinrich Schütz 1585-1672 Heinrich Schütz 1585-1672
José Jiménez 16??-1678 Henry Purcell 1659-1695
Henry Purcell 1659-1695 Henry Purcell 1659-1695
Purcell's Works The British Library: Henry Purcell
Purcell's Dido & Aeneas Score Sebastián Durón 1660-1716
Sebastián Durón 1660-1716 Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre
Johann Pachelbel 1653-1706 Johann Pachelbel 1653-1706
Dietrich Buxtehude 1637-1707 Buxtehude: Catalogue des oeuvres
Dietrich Buxtehude c.1637-1707 Joan Baptista Cabanilles 1644-1711
Early German Organ Music-MIDIs Johann Kuhnau 1660-1722
Francois Couperin 1668-1723 Francois Couperin 1668-1723 (FR)
Silvius Leopold Weiss 1686-1750 The Moscow Weiss Lute Manuscript
Tomaso Albinoni 1671-1751 The Francesco Durante Project
Johann Friedrich Fasch 1688-1758 Jacques Martin Hotteterre 1674-1763
Jean-Philippe Rameau 1683-1764 Jean-Philippe Rameau
Jean-Philippe Rameau 1683-1764 (FR) Rameau: Epitome of French Music
W.W. Norton: John Gay 1685-1732 Georg Friederich Händel 1685-1759
George Friderich Händel 1685-1759 G.F. Handel Biography
Towe's G.F. Handel Page George Frederic Handel
Classical Archives: Handel The Handel Connection (MIDI)
Internet Public Library: G. F. Handel The "Case" of George Frideric Handel
Watermarks & Telemann Chronology Telemann: Catalogue TWV (FR)
Johann Joseph Fux 1660-1741 Alessandro Scarlatti 1660-1725
Domenico Scarlatti 1685-1757 Domenico Scarlatti 1685-1757
Domenico Scarlatti 1685-1757 Sonatas of Dominico Scarlatti
Arcangelo Corelli 1653-1713 The Antonio Vivaldi Home Page
Vivaldi: Fiddling with Concertos Antonio Vivaldi: Catalogue RV (FR)
Antonio Vivaldi: A Biography Antonio Vivaldi 1678-1741
Antonio Vivaldi 1678-1741 The Vivaldi Connection (MIDI)
Johann Joaquim Quantz 1697-1773 Carlos Seixas 1704-1742
Giuseppe Tartini Home Page Johan Helmich Roman 1694-1758
J.H. Roman: Father of Swedish Music Project Runeberg: Johan H. Roman
Francesco Geminiani 1680-1762 Johann Theodor Roemhildt 1684-1756
Baldassare Galuppi 1706-1785 John Stanley 1712-1786
Padre Antonio Soler 1729-1783 The Soler Connection (MIDI)
Mr. Jefferson's Music The J.S. Bach Home Page
Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750 Bach Cantatas Web Site
J.S. Bach: Education & Career Bach: Analysis of Canons & Fugues
Bach Bibliography Search Bach: Well-Tempered Clavier II
Bach's Ornament Table J.S. Bach: Catalogue BWV (FR)
Classical Archives: Bach Bach Central Station
Dave's J.S. Bach Page The Bach Connection (MIDI)
Johann Sebastian Bach Club JSB
J.S.Bach: MIDI Orgel Bach: Orthodox Lutheran Theologian?
Tradition & Style in the Motets of Bach Bach Plucked!
Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750 Bach's Secular Cantatas
Texts of the Complete Vocal Works Listener's Guide: Bach Cantatas
The Bach Chorales Bach Digital-Archiv Leipzig
Bach: Genius Ignored JS Bach's Orgelbuchlein
A Johann Sebastian Bach MIDI Page Towe's J.S. Bach Page
The Baroque Age: J.S. Bach Bach's Organ Works in MP3 Format
Bach's Saint Matthew Passion Bach's Method of Transcription
Hogan's J.S. Bach Page Classical Music Pages: J.S. Bach
Selected Works of J.S. Bach Bach Werke Verzeichnis (EN)