Please click on the lecture titles below to see the lecture outlines: (There will be additional class handouts that are too long to post on the web.)

Class 1, January 22, 2009:     Introduction to the Baroque

Class 2, Jan. 29:  Style Features of Baroque Music and Characteristics of Baroque Music

Class 3, Feb. 5:    The Rise of German Nationalism in Music and the Fugue

Class 4, Feb. 12: The Oratorio and the Cantata   Class Handout

Class 5, Feb. 19: Passacaglia, Ritornello Form, and the Baroque Concerto and the mystery of performance practice in the 1800s 

Class 6, Feb. 26: The Enlightenment and introduction to the Classical era  

Class 7, March 5:   Form and Variations, Minuet and Trio  plus an introduction to Viennese classical style: Homophony and Cadence. Class Handout  Classical-Era Form: Minuet and Trio II, Rondo & Sonata-Allegro Form I

Have a wonderful Spring Break

Class 8, Mar. 12:   Required Field Trip. Date to be determined!

Class 9, Mar. 26 Mid Term Exam! Classical-Era Form: Sonata-Allegro Form II, The Symphony: Music for Every Person, & The Solo Concerto

Class 10, April 2:  Piano Music of Mozart and Haydn with Sue Talley (There will not be an outline for this lecture) Classical-Era Opera: The Development of Opera Buffa, Mozart and the Operatic Ensemble, & Introduction to Le Nozze di Figaro 

Class 11, April 9:  We will be watching Le nozze di Figaro Writing Assignment for Mozart's Le Nozze di Figaro

Class 12, Apr. 16:  We will be watching Le nozze di Figaro 

Class 13, Apr. 23:    Class Projects and Concert   (Will take more than the full two hours and probably last until 9:45.) 

Class 14, Apr. 30:  Enjoy your final exam  Listening review is posted on the listening page.


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Baccalaureate 8:00 p.m.  May 7

And Graduation on May 9! (Monday)