Spring, 2009          MUS 214     Calendar classes for the semester 


The calendar below is only approximate. Chapter quizzes, for chapters 10 through 14 in the textbook, must be e-mailed before the chapter quiz is given in class. The quizzes will be at the beginning of the periods noted in the calendar below. Ten extra points will be given for those who do the quizzes on line before the in-class quiz.  Additional quizzes are on the lecture material not the textbook information.  They are marked in BOLD and underlined.  (The page readings are to be completed before the class listed) Assignments for the class concert or term project will be posted after week two of the semester


Calendar classes for the semester


(The calendar below is only approximate. Also, there will be four quizzes which will be given after the required online tests are taken from the Norton website. The will be short oral presentations in our final concert project on April 23rd.  Each of you will give a short introduction and perform a selection by an assigned composer.  The list of assignments will be given, in consultation with the professor on January 29th.  The following calendar is approximate and will be updated as soon as the date for the field trip is decided.  The quizzes will be on both the chapters and class lectures.  In addition there will be 5 listening examples on each quiz except February 5th.


Calendar classes for the semester


The following calendar is approximate and will be updated as soon as the date for the field trip is decided.  The quizzes will be on both the chapters and class lectures.


Class 1, January 22, 2009: Introduction to the Baroque     


Class 2, January 29: Style Features of Baroque Music and the mystery of performance practice in the 1800ís, including rhetoric and Baroque emotional devices. by Dr. Sue Talley


Class 3, February 5: Quiz on Chapter 9 The Rise of German Nationalism and Music and the Fugue


Class 4, February 12: The Oratorio and the Cantata Handel and Bach by Dana and Sue Talley


Class 5, February 19: Quiz on Chapter 10, Passacaglia, Ritornello Form, and the Baroque Concerto in the 1800ís.


Class 6, February 26: The Enlightenment and introduction to the Classical

              Period, Form & Variations, Minuet and Trio.


 Class 7, March 5: Quiz on Chapter 11, Introduction of Mozart and Haydn, by Dr. Sue Talley 


Class 8, March 12 this class is cancelled due to the choir tour.  An alternative assignment, or field trip to The Juilliard school will be given.


    Class 9, March 26: Quiz on Chapter 12 included in the Midterm Test and      Listening Test, plus an introduction to Viennese classical style: Homophony and Cadence, Rhondo, Sonata Allegro Form


Class 10, April 2: Quiz on Chapter 13, Piano Music of Mozart and Haydn.

                by Dr. Sue Talley


Class 11, April 9: The Marriage of Figaro Take home quiz on Chapter 14 and

                assignment on the Marriage of Figaro.


Class 12, April 16: The Marriage of Figaro


Class 13, April 23: Class Projects and Concert (Will take the full two hours)

                assisted by Dr. Sue Talley  


Class 14, April 30: Final Exam, May 3 Final Exam:  Listening test, short Answer, essay, and multiple choice questions.

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