Music 214 Listening Page

Welcome to Music 214 listening page.

There will be two listening exams this semester.  The first will be from unit one and unit two and the second will be from unit three and four plus several examples from the first two units.  Also, the most important composers are identified and their biographies are included.  Please click on the biographies of each composer before listening to their musical examples.

UNIT ONE: Early Baroque

UNIT TWO: Late Baroque

UNIT THREE: Rococo and Early Classical

UNIT FOUR: Haydn and Mozart

You will need Real Audio Player to hear the selections on this website, and can download it at the following site.  DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE PROGRAM THAT REQUIRES PAYMENT, but their free player which is located on the upper right of their web site.  If you have a slow modem you need to follow this procedure FOR STREAMING.  —Prof. Talley


1. In RealOne Player, click the Tools menu and choose Preferences. The Preferences box opens.
2. In the Category section, double-click Connection.
3. Under Connections, click Playback Settings.
4. Select the Enable Instant Playback check box, and then click OK.

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