Welcome to FNA 101 final exam listening page. Please click on the following examples which will be on you exam in August. 

  1. Bach Sanctus       
  2. Palestrina Agnus Dei   
  3. Bach Jesu Joy of Manís Desiring
  4. Handel Hallelujah        
  5. Beethoven 9th Symphony         
  6. Bizet Carmen Habinera     
  7. Copeland Hoe Down        
  8. Debussy Afternoon of a Faun              
  9. Mozart Piano Concerto 21  
  10. Puccini O Mio Babbino  
  11. Rossini Figaro's Aria from Barber of Seville     
  12. Tcaikovsky 1812 Overture     
  13. Verdi Rigoletto La Donna Ť Mobile   
  14. Simon and Garfunkle Mrs. Robinson    
  15. Ella Figerald Smooth Sailing
  16. Schubert: Ave Maria
  17. Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue
  18. Verdi Rigoletto La Donna e Mobile
  19. Dvorak Symphony # 9 Second Mvt. 
  20. Stravinsky Rite of Spring
  21. Grieg Piano Concerto    
  22. Beetles Norwegian Woods
  23. Khachaturian Saber Dance 
  24. Ol Man River from Showboat Sung by Paul Robeson   
  25. Vivaldi Autumn  

    You will need Real Audio Player to hear the selections on this website, and can download it at the following site.  DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE PROGRAM THAT REQUIRES PAYMENT, but their free player which is located on the upper right of their web site.  http://www.real.com/  If you have a slow modem you need to follow this procedure FOR STREAMING. Please contact me if you need help with this list or need a CD-ROM. dana.talley@nyack.edu óProf. Talley


    1. In RealOne Player, click the Tools menu and choose Preferences. The Preferences box opens.
    2. In the Category section, double-click Connection.
    3. Under Connections, click Playback Settings.
    4. Select the Enable Instant Playback check box, and then click OK.