You will be seeing a film on a man who has been called the greatest artist who ever lived.  Your job is to find out why anyone would say that about Picasso, and to tell me whether or not you agree, giving your own reaction and explanation to the film you are about to see. 

The film is beautifully made.  Please take time to look at the photographs of his family and the beautiful pictures of Spain in his childhood.  Such a lovely place would no doubt have a strong effect upon his work. 

You will not like this man.  He was extremely spoiled, selfish, and unkind.  He was also a genius.  Please answer the following questions and turn your answers in at the end of the period. 

  1. What was Picasso’s early life like?
  1. What influenced him to become an artist?
  1. When did he start drawing and painting?
  1. He once said that an artist must “kill his father.”  What did he mean by that?
  1. Describe “Guernica.”  What was the artist trying to say about war?
  1. What is Cubism?  What did Picasso have to do with it?
  1. Give your reaction to the work of Picasso.  What was your favorite period of his painting—childhood/youth; blue period; pink period; cubist period; later--?  Why?
  1. In your judgment, was Picasso at least one of the greatest painters who ever lived?  Why or why not?