Many students have visited the great music halls and venues here in New York City, but today I would like to talk about several that you might not know in depth.

First, there is Carnegie Hall.

            --Built by philanthropist who also donated many public libraries

            --Acoustics are considered the most perfect of any music hall

            --It was to be torn down, and a great violinist stopped it

            --It has just recently been renovated; a new hall (Zankel) has been opened beneath           the great hall

            --It hosts all kinds of concerts, both popular and classical


There is the New York Library for the Performing Arts

            --Largest library for the performing arts in N. America

            --Has small art galleries throughout

            --Has many concerts which are free to the public

            --Like all NYPL, has many free attractions which are listed in their brochures

            --Is part of Lincoln Center


Lincoln Center

--Home of Alice Tully Hall, The Metropolitan Opera, The New York City Opera, The New York City Ballet, etc.

            --Built in the 70s when the neighborhood was very dangerous

            --(scene of West Side Story)

            --Home of the Juilliard School of Music

            --Tours have not been available since 9/11, will probably resume again

--There is talk of tearing it down and renovating because of acoustical   considerations and old-fashioned architecture


Town Hall

            --The site of many concerts

Symphony Hall

            --Home of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra

            --Orchestra has free performances some mornings

            --Students may go to performances

--History of New York Philharmonic from Mahler to present is a story of great conductors and performers of the world

The Wintergarden

            --Site of free concerts of all kinds

            --We visited the site with palm trees

            --Schedule available on the Web

Summer concert series

            --The Met in the Parks

            --The Symphony in the Parks

            --Shakespeare in the Parks

            --Is part of Lincoln Center


 Please follow these links for more information about FREE concerts.

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