Calendar of Oral Reports for the semester FNA 115  Spring, 2010


these will be posted week two of the semester 

Please go to the Naxos site to prepare for your oral presentation: http://www.naxomusic  The password user name will be given you in class.


What can you do to fill out your oral report and make it into the 35-40 minutes required?  Write a careful outline before you start, something like this:

 Title:  The Life and Work of (Artist) 

  1. Life 15-20%
    1. Childhood, with any special circumstances emphasized
    2. IMPORTANT Teachers  or other influences
    3. Calling to career
    4. Career achievements
    5. Passing
  1. Your Critique of the Work 75-80%
    1. Style
    2. Performance
    3. Recordings?
    4. Summary, with good quotation about artist from reliable source
    5. Present 6 different examples of their important works. A symphony or an Opera is ONE work.  Please see me for help in your selections!
  1. Works Cited 5%
    1. Books
    2. Web sites
    3. Personal interviews, if any
    4. Most importantly:  Titles and producers of records, tapes, or CDs.